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Mackling 2022 - 2023 

Dir. Jonny Dry     

A BFI NETWORK funded short film, directed by Jonny Dry, written by Callum Mitchell and Executive Produced by Denzil Monk of Bosena. Two antique dealers prepare for a local funeral. 

© Image - Steve Tanner 

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 10.36_edited.jpg

Knockers 2022 - 2023 

Assossicate Producer  
Dir. Lucy Cohen    

A BBC and BFI coming of age film, shot in the summer of 2022 down in Cornwall. 

© Image - Ella Turner 


Ella was recently commissioned by Sound Image Cinema Lab and Screen Cornwall to make a short experimental film portraying the beauty and monotony of the morning routine. 

© Image - Ella Turner 

Prod. Jonny Dry    

the smile.jpeg

The Smile are an English rock band comprising Radiohead members Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood with Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner. Mark Jenkin directed their third single Skrting On The Surface, filmed down a Cornish mine in West Penwith. 

© Image - Skrting On The Surface 

Production Manager    
Dir. Mark Jenkin     

Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 12.55.10.png

Using home footage, this film will look at fertility and the assumptions we still make in 2022 about having children. 

© Image - Ella Turner 

Director, Editor 
Prod. Laura Giles     


Under the shadow of his deceased father, a young farmer and rugby player wrestles with his sexuality.


Bosena supported the production of Mab Hudel alongside Cornwall based production company, Palores Productions Ltd. Supported by Screen Cornwall, Sound/Image Cinema Lab and commissioned by FlymK, this short film is in the Cornish language and was filmed in and around the Falmouth area. 

© Image - Ella Turner 

Dir. Edward Rowe   

Screenshot 2021-05-13 at 15.24.30.png

Production Coordinator 
Dir. Mark Jenkin 

Following Mark Jenkin's BAFTA winning film Bait in 2020, the ecosophical horror Enys Men is his next feature. Shot on locations across Cornwall in March and April, Ella was production coordinator for this Film4 funded film. 

© Image - Steve Tanner 


Art Director  
Dir. Paul Robinson  

Set on a farm in North Devon, this feature film portrayed the relationship of two old friends as they navigate the Foot and Mouth outbreak of 2001. 

© Image - Ella Turner 


Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 12.16.37.png

Director, Editor 
Prod. Helen Tiplady 

This was a promotional video from Hall for Cornwall for a new app on Amazon's Alexa. Using archive, filming live performaces from local choirs and a scripted scene, this film took us on a trip down memory lane to Cornish songs of the past. 

© Image - Memory Lane Tavern 


Director, Editor  

Ella was commissioned by The Hypatia Trust to make a short film, where she will give an insight into why singer Martha Tilston left London to start a music career in Cornwall. Inspiring her two girls with the power of ​sticking to your morals, this experimental observation will be shot on camcorder by Ella over the spring. 

Screenshot 2021-05-13 at 15.35.30.png

Production Manager 
Dir. Natalys Willcox 

BFI NETWORK funded DOG YEARS, a black comedy about loneliness and ageing pets, filmed in Cornwall for four days in the first week of October. ​

© Image - Ella Turner 


Dir. Mark Pritchard 

Backed by OCD UK and with an all-star cast, Reaching Four was shot in the summer over 5 days. Ella co-produced this short with Katherine Press,  starring Ben Lamb, Michael Maloney and Pippa Haywood. The edit is being overseen by Rebecca Lloyd, a BAFTA Break-Through Brit, who was Additional Editor on Andrea Arnold's Palm d'Or-winning 'American Honey'. 

© Image - Reaching Four 

Producer, Director 

This idea was commissioned as an audio documentary by BBC Arts and Arts Council England for the New Creatives 2020 scheme. 

A father and daughter discuss what it was like growing up with guns in their home. 

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 21.02.11.png
Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 21.02.08.png

Producer, Editor 
Dir. Jonny Dry 

With one award win and five nominations (including Best Editor for Ella at Little Wing Film Festival), Cornish language drama An Tarow (available on BBC iPlayer) was commissioned by the Cornish Language Office and Flym K. This short film explores Cornwall's industrial landscapes through the eyes of a young boy, who uses folk tales to escape his aggressive father. 

© Image - An Tarow 


Production Manager 
Dir. Martha Tilston 

A romantic comedy set in Cornwall and written and directed by musician Martha Tilston, that was recently nominated for Best Drama at the Celtic Media Festival. 

© Image - Pete Doyle-Davidson 

The Five of Us 2018 - ongoing 

Producer, Director, Editor 

A confidential project 12 years in the making.


© Image - Ella Turner 

Serious Folly 2017 

Producer, Editor 
Dir. George Perry 

The experimental futuristic film used a mix of self-shot archive footage and long shots to display the environmental damage our planet faces. 

© Image - Ella Turner 

All Right Now (Songbird) 2017 

Set Design Assistant 
Dir. Jamie Adams 

Ella was placed within a small team of set designers to work on the feature Songbird. As well as painting and dressing sets, she was prop buyer and prop standby. 

© Image - Songbird 

Ella Turner image 1 .png

Biophilia 2017

Producer, Cinematographer, Editor 
Dir. George Perry 

This short documentary was set in over 25 locations across Cornwall, shot across a single winter. It was selected and screened at Cornish Slates in Falmouth. 

© Image - Ella Turner 

Can We Feed The World? 2017 

Animator, Producer, Editor 
Dir. George Perry

This stop motion animation was part of a module on globalisation. Discussing the huge impact of food waste it portrayed how - with careful leadership and planning - we could feed the world with the means we have already. 

© Image - Ella Turner 

Handmade 2017

Producer, Cinematographer, Editor 
Dir. Sarah Niemann 

This short documentary was based on a sculptor and a glassmaker who shared workshop space. Ella was in charge of interviewing the pair, and was asked to return to film a promo for one of the artists' websites. 

© Image - Ella Turner 

Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 15.47.22.png
Screenshot 2020-05-02 at 16.00.06.png



Other work, awards and roles include: 

Gone to See a Man (2021) - Co-producer. 


Lithium - The Battery Race (2021) - Producer. 

Tony Foster Journeys (working title) (2020) - UK Production manager. 


Studio Erma (est. 2020) - Joint founder. 

Even When I Fall (2019) - Festival facilitator. 


The Nick Darke Documentary (2019) - Documentary fundraiser. 

The Postbox (2019) - Cinematographer and producer.  

Boutique Retreats Real Estate (2019) - Producer.  

Cornish Slates (2019) - Production assistant. 

Biophilia selected for Cornish Slates Festival (2018). 

Collected film journalism (2016) - Awarded Falmouth University's Film School's highest ever grade for film journalism.  

Work Life (2017) - Set design assistant and continuity manager.   


Wall of Glass (2017) - Producer, camera, editor. 

BBC Flog It! (2016) - Runner.  

Cornwall Film Festival (2015/2016) - Event assistant.  

Upbeat (2016) - 1st assistant director.  

Stillness of the Shelter (2016-2018) - Location manager and assistant producer.  

The Highwayman (2016) - 1st assistant director.  

Synthetica (2014)- Assistant producer- Winner Best Production.  

I See You (2014) - Producer.  

Our Woods (2014) - Cameraman and set design assistant.  

Sole Mate (2013) - Cinematographer and set design assistant- Shortlisted Best Student Short.  


The Blind See More (2013) - Director, producer, editor.   

  Sole Mate - shortlisted for Best Student Short 
Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 11.47.32.png
Upbeat - winner for Craft Awards Sound 
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