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Published by Rushes Film Magazine 

Simon Atherton

weapons maker for films


"“I've still got the original Braveheart sword, I made two, I kept one and Mel Gibson got one.” An off the cuff comment, casually thrown into conversation by Simon Atherton, the chosen weapon maker for any action film you could think of. Used by the likes of Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, he has trained Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks to fire a pistol, made the gun for Sigourney Weaver in Aliens and been shouted at by Tom Cruise for moving his special pair of shoes."

Ella specialised in journalism at university, granting her the highest graded portfolio of journalism Falmouth Film School had marked to date. Since finishing her studies she has started a website to continue her love of asking people questions by writing short stories based on experiences of other people. 

Ella was the Film and Television correspondent for Cornish Stuff, and whilst at university she was editor in chief of the the film website Rushes and has been published by The Daily Telegraph.   

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